Experience the all new RxOnWeb 2.0

An app that replaces

Online Prescription Refill

Rx Deliveries and much more


Free forever plan for pharmacies starting out

Online Prescription Refill
LiveHealth Online

Doctor Portal

A self managed doctors portal to send pharmacies compound prescriptions

A simple and easy to use compound prescription management system

Rx Deliveries

Managing local deliveries has never been so easy


E-Commerce OTC Shop

Create your own OTC Shop and allow your patients to shop from your pharmacy

 A complete E-Commerce experience at one place for your patients  

Patient Portal

Give your patients a little more than they ask for to give you more that you should

A state of art patient app to enhance patient care

Tranfer Rx

Complete Refills Management to save money on new, pending and lost refills

A self managed app for transfer Rx’s for pharmacies

Refill Rx

Complete Refills Management to save money on new, pending and lost refills

 A fully immersive in app refill experience for both patients and pharmacies

Virtual Pharmacy

Pharmacy Website

A stunning looking, SEO Ready website that helps you manage everything from a single place

Self Managed Portal to update and edit information as needed

Compound Rx’s

Create compounds and accept compound e- prescriptions from nearby prescribers

 Signup doctors with your pharmacy to send easy compound E- Rx’s

Ready to scale your pharmacy

Experience the all-new RxOnWeb 2.0! Simplify your pharmacy needs with our app that replaces traditional websites, handles compounding Rx’s, patient and doctor portals and much more. Contact us through our form for personalized assistance today!

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