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RxOnWeb Virtual Pharmacy Technicians (VPTs) are highly trained remote professionals who perform a wide range of pharmacy-related tasks using the latest technology to provide safe, efficient, and reliable service.

We help with exactly what you need from a pharmacy technician.

Why Choose us?

RxOnWeb’s Virtual Pharmacy Technicians are committed to providing accurate and comprehensive medication management services, including:

Prescription Fulfilment:

VPTs can receive prescriptions electronically, fill and send prescriptions for verification and dispense.

Patient Support:

Provide patients with medication education, answer patient questions, and help to communicate with healthcare providers as needed.

Medication Adherence

We help patients adhere to their medication schedules, monitor patients for potential drug interactions or side effects, provide timely refill reminders over the phone.

What Virtual Pharmacy Technicians (VTRs) :



At RxOnWeb, we are committed to providing the best.

How Can We Help You?

Our virtual pharmacy technicians are committed to providing comprehensive medication management services, including:

Why Hire an RxOnWeb Virtual Pharmacy Technician? 


VPTs provide personalised prescription management services, working closely with patients and healthcare providers to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Being remote, we can fill and dispense medications more quickly at affordable and competitive prices.


VPTs are highly trained professionals with prior experience in managing various patient and pharmacy services.


RxOnWeb’s VPTs prescription management services have proven to be 99% error free.

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