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Increase Patient Satisfaction

Enhance your patients experience by offering an easy way to manage their prescriptions, get medication reminders, and submit refills all from one single app!

A Single App for You and Your Patients

Your patients can easily navigate our intuitive app design to submit medication refills directly to your pharmacy.

Streamline Your Pharmacy Operations

RxOnWeb integrates directly with your existing pharmacy software and helps you to easily manage patient refill requests.

Perscription Delivery Management

Easily manage the delivery or pickup of your patients medications via RxOnWeb.

Get Your Pharmacy Online

We provide a complimentary RxOnWeb website and mobile profile listing personalized for your pharmacy.

RxonWeb pharmacy

RxOnWeb Mobile App

  • Designed specifically for pharmacies
  • Integrates with all pharmacy software systems
  • Affordably streamline operations
  • Intuitive Interface Design
  • Free to use on IOS/Android
  • Personalized pharmacies profiles
  • Prescription management & reminders
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Why RxOnWeb Application?

    Build your brand.
  • Get online
  • Build credibility
  • Choose between delivery or pickup as per your convenience
  • One Click Refill Request to your Pharmacies
  • Get your meds delivered anywhere by adding multiple addresses to your profile
  • Streamline operations.
  • Less administrative work
  • Increase staffing efficiency
  • Digital marketing management
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction.
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Retain patient base
  • RxOnWeb - getting your business online
    Online Pharmacy Business

    Your Patients Will Thank You

    Easy-to-use mobile app: Intuitive design makes it simple to managing your prescriptions

    Patient Profiles: Use one account to effortlessly manage multiple family profiles

    One-Click Refills: Quickly submit refill requests via the app

    Prescription Reminders: Never forget to take your medications

    Delivery or Pickup Options: Choose what is most convenient for you

    The app is absolutely free to download and use.
    Get started now!

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    About Us

    How to use the free RxOnWeb App?

    Step 1

    Find RxOnWeb on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

    Step 2

    Download the RxOnWeb mobile application

    Step 3

    Sign up and create your profile

    Step 4

    View and manage patient profiles

    Step 5

    Create and manage prescription delivery

    Step 6

    Start streamlining your pharmacy operations!

    Our Services

    RxOnWeb offers a variety of options to get your pharmacy online. Whether you are simply looking to utilize our mobile application, are looking to launch digital marketing strategies, or are aiming for high-growth with your business, we have a plan thats right for you.

  • Mobile Prescription Management
  • Website Development
  •  Social Media Content Management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Virtual Technician Services
  • RxOnWeb App - Online Pharmacy
    RxOnWeb - Pharmacy Growth

    RxOnWeb - Get your Business Online

    We have spent 5+ years exclusively working with pharmacies in order to become the experts in pharmacy digital marketing. We have a deep understanding of both the pharmacy and patients pain points to ensure we delivery a superior product aimed to enhance the patient experience and to streamline your pharmacy business operations at scale.

  • 5+ Years Exclusively Working With Pharmacies
  • 24/7 Excellent Customer Support
  • Emphasis On Transparency And Business Outcomes
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