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Virtual Sales Agent: Boosting Your Pharmacy's Outreach



Enhance your pharmacy’s reach and patient care with our Virtual Sales Agent service. Our agents specialize in contacting patients for prescription refills and softly promoting your services to local doctors, ensuring you don’t miss out on key opportunities.


Why it is needed?

Maintaining consistent patient care and establishing connections with healthcare providers are crucial for pharmacy growth. Our service helps in managing these aspects effectively, ensuring patients stay on track with their medications and local doctors are aware of your pharmacy’s offerings.


Increased Refill Rates

Proactive refill reminders to patients help in maintaining medication adherence and boosting your pharmacy’s revenue.

Enhanced Community Presence

Soft promotion calls to local doctors put your pharmacy on their radar, potentially increasing referrals.

Improved Patient Relations

Regular contact with patients strengthens relationships and enhances their trust in your services.


Local Doctor Outreach

Build a network with local healthcare providers, enhancing your pharmacy’s community integration.

Customized Interaction Plans

Tailor our outreach strategy to suit your pharmacy’s and patients’ specific needs.


Consistent Patient Follow-Ups

Ensure patients are regularly reminded about refills, improving their health outcomes and your dispensing rates.

Step-by-Step Guide


Q: How personalized are the refill reminder calls to patients?

Each call is tailored based on the patient’s history and preferences for a personal touch.

What approach is taken for doctor outreach?

We focus on soft promotion, highlighting your pharmacy’s services and value to their practice.

Can we track the results of these outreach efforts?

 Yes, we provide detailed reports on call outcomes, patient responses, and doctor engagement.

Are the calls made by real people or automated systems?

Real, trained agents make all calls, ensuring a personal and effective communication.

How do you ensure compliance with healthcare communication regulations?

 All outreach is conducted in strict adherence to healthcare communication standards and privacy laws.



  • Patient Refill Reminders: Regular and timely calls to patients reminding them about prescription refills.
  • Doctor Outreach Calls: Soft promotional calls to local doctors to increase pharmacy visibility and referrals.
  • Customized Call Scripts: Tailored scripts that align with your pharmacy’s tone and service offerings.
  • Patient Feedback Collection: Gathering insights from patients to improve services and patient care.
  • Regular Reporting: Providing frequent updates on call activities and outcomes.
  • Data-Driven Strategy: Using call data to refine and improve outreach strategies.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Ensuring all communications are HIPAA compliant for patient privacy and security.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Calls are made at times most effective for reaching patients and doctors.

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